Anvarul Islam Women’s Arabic College, Mongam is a pioneer educational institution, imparting higher education to the girl students in the area of Muslim – a backward minority community. The college has established by effort of Late; T.P Ayamu Haji (Rahimahullah); an educational activist and social reformer, who lead campaigns for easing poverty, Promoting women’s education and rights by building religious and ethnic amity through the education. He was actively focussed for women empowerment through moral and secular awareness and obliterates the ignorance as the office bearer of Anvarul Islam Sangham Mongam; a social and reformative movement interfered in the educational scenario of the Muslim community.

He had established the college on 8th June 1968 in Mongam town, When the college was required sufficient property for the affiliation of The University of Calicut, he gifted (Waqf) his whole land (Approximately 11 Acre) for the college, subsequently it has shifted to the current location, and fulfilled the infrastructure facility. The foundation stone of the parent building has laid by Mrs. Kadeeja bai wife of Eassa Abdussathar Sait – Ernakulam (Rahimahuma Allah) in the presence of dignitaries; T.P Ayamu Haji, K.N Ebrahim Moulavi, M. Shaik Muhammed Moulavi, K.C Aboobacker Moulavi, KSK Thangal etc.Later it has handed over to The Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama (Regd.) for the smooth functioning.