Affiliated to the University of Calicut in 1970
Aided by government of Kerala (Order No: G.O. MS 82/78/H. Edn. dated 29/05/1978),
Approved National Service Scheme (NSS) Nodal Centre (Unit No: 01) since 1995
Permanent affiliation of University of Calicut (Ref. No: GA 1/G 1/6599/2008, Dated 09/11/2010)
Recognized by 2(f) & 12 (B) of UGC Act 1956 (F No: 8-250/2011 (CPP-I/C dated 23/08/2011)
Approved as Minority Institution by NCMEI-Govt. of India (F No. 788/2012 dated 14/08/2012)
Approved as Research Centre in Arabic (U.O. No. 13868/2019/Admn. Dated 03/10/2019)