Awards & Achievements

Academic awards and achievements are the outcome of education, which extends to a student, teacher or institution, and it has achieved as education goal. It is commonly measured by examinations or continuous assessment as there is no general agreement on how it is best tested or which aspects are most important. Here, college has been holding ranks in university examinations since 1993 to 2011, subsequently when the university is implemented grading system; the students have been passing out with good academic grade.

University Rank Holders

Sl No.YearName of StudentUniversity RankUniversity Examinations
11993Mariyam K.TFirst RankB.A [Afzal-ul Ulama]
21994Noufiya T.JThird RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
3Sakeena V.KFirst RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
4Ayisha C.TSecond RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
5Rasheeda K.AThird RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
61995Arifa AThird RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
71996Bushra Beevi SThird RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
81997Arifa AFirst RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
91998Jameela K.TFirst RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
10Kadeeja K.TSecond RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
11Bushra M.VSecond RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
121999Sahla. AFirst RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
13Shareefa P.TThird RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
14Najeeba N.PFirst RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
152000Sabira MSecond RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
162001Suneera KFirst RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
17Laila VThird RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
18Jameela K.TFirst RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
192004Ameena Mariyam Second RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
20Seenath K. IFirst Rank M.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
212005Sajeena M.HSecond RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
222006Najda Arafath First RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
23Raseena KSecond RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
242007Fus’hath V.PFirst RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
25Shabana NSecond RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
26Rashida SThird RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
27Rajeena T.KThird RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
282008Shameema PFirst RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
292009Shahida K.Second RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
302010Shabana NThird RankB.A. [Afzal-ul Ulama]
31Rajeena C.KFirst RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]
322011Bushaira K.KFirst RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
33Haifa FasluThird RankAfzal-ul Ulama Preliminary
34Sajeera T.KThird RankM.A. [Post Afzal-ul Ulama]