Department Profile

The Department of Arabic has a tradition as old as the College itself.  Afzal ul Ulama Entrance was introduced in 1968, Afzal ul Ulama Preliminary in 1970, subsequently sanctioned Afzal ul Ulama Degree in 1972 and Post Afzal ul Ulama in 1995. Later the Afzal ul Ulama Degree approved as B.A. Afzal ul Ulama in 1998, and Post Afzal ul Ulama in as M.A Post Afzal ul Ulama in 2000.

The department is recognized as the research centre in Arabic language and literature by the University of Calicut. With professionally trained members of the staff, it provides immense scope for the students to get themselves exposed to translation, communicative and functional skills and software packages in Arabic.

Department Vision

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature envisages excellence with international competence. It also seeks to enhance the Arabic Language standard through research contributions that would improve its students and serve the local community.

Department Mission

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature seeks to provide a suitable educational environment, hold curricular and extracurricular activities and place research on its top priorities in service of the local community.


► Sharing the legacy of Arabic language to the future generation through conducting and encouraging research-oriented activities.

► Organizing and participating in seminars and conferences.

► Take initiatives for developing study plans fulfilling the requirement of quality education.

► Rigorous Continuous training on research and academic innovation.

► Promoting students’ linguistic, intellectual and critical thinking skills.

► Strengthening the rapport with the local community through holding seminars and conducting linguistic studies