Besides the Managing committee of the college, it has a college committee which is constituted by the members consisting the members of managing committee, local well-wishers, and other relevant personalities. The committee meets at least twice during an academic year, evaluates the progress of the college on a regular basis and provides guidance & support for constant improvement in ensuring quality in education.

Various functions and responsibilities of the college committee

  • Prepare the budget and financial statements.
  • Recommend to the management the creation of the teaching and other posts.
  • Determine the programme of instruction and internal evaluation and to discuss the progress of studies in the college.
  • Make recommendations to the management for the improvement of the standard of teaching in the college.
  • Formulate proposals of new expenditure which is not provided in the college budget.
  • Advise the principal regarding the intake capacity of various programs and discuss various other matters relating to the internal management of the college.
  • Consider and make recommendations on the inspection report of the local inquiry committee, if any.
  • Prepare the annual report on the work done by committee for the year ending and submit the same to the management.
  • Perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may be entrusted by the management.