Being the employees of the Government of Kerala, all the administrative staff of this College should follow the code of conduct stipulated by the State Government. The college has put forward its code of ethics for the administrative staff along the following lines.

Professional Conduct

  1. The administrative staff should acquaint themselves with the college policies and adhere to them to their best ability.
  2. Each of them should perform the duties he has been assigned sincerely and diligently as well as with accountability.
  3. They should avail of leave with prior intimation to the extent possible. In case of sudden contingencies, information on their absence should be promptly forwarded to the college authority.
  4. The administrative staff should not, on any account, undertake any other job within the stipulated office hours. Neither shall he engage himself in any trade or business within college premises.
  5. They should not hamper the functioning of the college by engaging themselves in political or anti-secular activities.
  6. They should not engage in remarks or behaviour that might be considered disrespectful to their non-teaching colleagues, teaching staff or students.

Workplace Conduct

  1. They should be punctual as their prior presence is required daily for the commencement and smooth functioning of college activities.
  2. They should also be responsible for the proper use and maintenance of college equipment and furniture.
  3. No administrative staff should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during office hours.
  4. The administrative staff often has access to confidential information regarding examination matters and other matters relating to other staff, through official records. It is expected that they respect the confidentiality of such matters.
  5. They should perform their duties with honesty and integrity. There should be no falsification of official documents entrusted to them.
  6. The administrative staff should show no discrimination on basis of gender, caste or religion.

Professional Relationship

  1. Interactions between administrative staff and students are frequent as for example during counselling, admissions, disbursement of financial aid, examinations and so on. On a regular basis the students come into contact with administrative staff in libraries, science laboratories and computer laboratories. It is expected that they behave in a helpful, friendly and patient manner towards the students.
  2. The administrative staff should give due respect to the decisions made by the college authorities. Any matter of contention should be settled amicably and not through antagonistic behaviour, as the progress of an institution depends upon mutual goodwill and trust.
  3. The non-teaching staff should consider the teaching staff as their colleagues and not as separate entities. It is the shared functioning that will generate a harmonious environment.
  4. The administrative staff is the first to come into contact with the guardians of students as during examinations. They must keep in mind the fact that their behaviour will be considered to reflect that of the institution. They should thus interact patiently and politely