Department Profile

The department of functional Arabic has adopted a functional curriculum for teaching – learning of Arabic as a vibrant foreign language. Capacity building on different linguistics skills, component of computer application with software in Arabic, and skill building in Arabic – English translation are the hallmarks of the programme.

Since the introduction of B.A. programmes in 2015, the department has been actively engaged in research in a wide range of areas such as Arabic Language and Literature both Classical and functional writings in Arabic, Arabic diaspora literature of the Socio-Linguistics languages especially interaction of Arabic with Indian languages.

Department Vision

The Department of functional Arabic aims to develop the communication skills and inculcate values of communication among students. For which seeks to provide a suitable educational environment hold curricular co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, update and expand the basic forms of Arabic structure and grammar in an applied model to help the students for using the correct language in real life situations. It also aims at sensitizing the student to the theories of rhetoric.

Department Mission

The department introduces the student to the methodological issues that are specific to the disciplines referred to as the functional skills of Arabic language and literature as a discipline referred to as one of the humanities and to develop a constructive perspective with which to approach the study of functional Arabic language and its linguistic skills.


  • To make the student understand the unique nature and function of various Arabic structures.
  • To accomplish the mastery of Arabic with effective communication skills and expressive capabilities.
  • To familiarize with contextual language and vocabulary in the different domains of life.
  • To acquire knowledge in understanding and using languages in real life situation.