The guidelines serve smooth conduct on the academic society, life in the campus should enable the students to reach their full potential acquire good conduct, pleasing manners and good personality. These guides are formulated to pave way for the students along with the accepted traditions and to avoid disorder and confusion and should be viewed as something imposed mechanically from outside.

General Rules:

  1. A working day in college begins at 09:30 a.m., ends at 05.00 p.m.
  2. Students and staff shall always carry identity cards with them.
  3. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  4. Students shall visit office only after 02.30 pm up to 04.30pm
  5. Students shall not entertain visitors/guests without prior permission.
  6. Ragging, teasing, intimidating and harassment in any form meted out towards fellow students within the campus or outside are cognisable offences and students ‎are expressly prohibited from indulging in such activities. In the light of the directives ‎contained in various court judgements in recent years, it is mandatory for the principal to ‎report all cases of ragging and harassment to the police.‎
  7. Students shall always maintain utmost decency, dignity, courtesy, and co-operate with the college au­thorities and fellows for the maintenance of peace and order in the campus.
  8. Students shall not disfigure the walls, windows, furniture by writing on them or drawing picture or sticking bills.
  9. No student shall enter or leave the class without the permission of the teacher who is engaging the class. Students shall not loiter through the corridors or along the veranda during class hours.
  10. Using chewing pan, consumption of alcoholic drinks and taking narcotic substances are strictly prohibited within the campus.
  11. No meeting or entertainment shall be organized and no fund in collected in the college without the prior permission of the prin­cipal. Political activism is not permitted in the campus and students are to scrupulously refrain from it.
  12. No note or petition of any kind shall be circulated among the students or pasted on the notice board or anywhere within the college premises.
  13. Students are not allowed to organize or attend meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without the written permission of the principal.
  14. Students who go over to other colleges or institutions to take part in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrations or strikes will invite severe punishment.
  15. The Principal will have the right to issue transfer certificate to a student admitted to the college without an application from the student or the guardian at any time of the course of study in the college without assigning any specific reason if he considers that his/her presence is not desirable in the college.
  16. Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual ab­sence to class work, obscenity in word or act are sufficient reasons for the permanent or temporary dismissal of students.
  17. Students should take note the notifications on the notice board/ college website every day before they leave the college. Failure to look at the notice board will not be an excuse for any omission or commission.
  18. Absence from examination / test papers will be treated as a serious breach of discipline and shall invite disciplinary measures.
  19. Promotion to higher class, selection for university examinations and issue of progress attendance / conduct certificates are within the discretion of the principal.
  20. Parking of the vehicle is allowed only at the prescribed area, the speed limit inside the campus should not cross 10km/hr and sound / smoking pollution should not create in the campus.
  21. In all matters of conduct in and outside the college not spe­cifically mentioned here in, students are expected to conduct themselves with decorum, keeping up the reputation of the institu­tion.
  22. Principal shall be the final authority in all matters regarding dis­cipline and shall also have the authority to decide on any issue not specifically covered by the existing General Rules mentioned herein.

Dress Code

1. All students are expected to be in good dress on formal occasion/ functions/celebrations, internal and university examinations etc.
2. The dress worn shall always be clean, sober and dignified. The students should observe strict ‎modesty in dress and manners. ‎
3. Tight fitting, body piercing, tattoos are prohibited in the campus, hair should cover properly (if needed) by head scarf.
4. This dress code is applicable to all students till the end of course / leaves college / receives transfer certificate.

Fee & Attendance Rules:

  1. Students who do not enjoy fee concession shall remit the fees, which will be collected in the office on the collection days
  2. The fee and fine, if any are not paid within 15 days of due date, the name of the students will be removed from the college rolls and the student will not get the benefit of attendance.
  3. No student shall be absent from class without leave.
  4. Students who practices / represents the college in Sports, games, NSS, Union and other extra and co-curricular activities should obtain prior permission from the Advisor. The request should be forwarded through the Coordinators in-charge of the respective activities. On completion of activities, within two working days the student should, submit the attendance certificate to the Advisor with the recommendation of the coordinator.
  5. Students absenting themselves without leave for fourteen consecutive working days will be struck off the rolls.
  6. Application for leave in the specified format [available in college website] shall be forwarded to the principal through class tutor.
  7. The attendance progressive certificate [APC] required for appearing in University examination, will not be granted unless the principal is satisfied with the attendance, conduct and progress of the students

Identity Card Rules

Terms and conditions apply to use of college identity card.

  1. All students should properly display their identity card.
  2. College Identity Card remains the property of the College and must be returned when she suspends, or withdraw from, or complete the course, or the enrolment is terminated by the College.
  3. The Card is not transferable. Any transfer, alteration, falsification, or forgery, it constitutes a violation of ID Card policy and may result in an appropriate disciplinary action
  4. If the Card is lost, stolen or damaged, it should be intimated to the Principal.
  5. The College is not responsible for any unauthorized use of ID card or for any loss arising from the failure to comply with these terms and conditions.


  • If the shortage of attendance is beyond the condonation limit, such candidates must repeat the programme for making up the shortage to become eligible for the APC and then register for the exam along with the junior batch.
  • Condonation application should be forwarded to the principal through HOD not later than 2 weeks before the commencement of exam. There will be fine for late submission of condonation application. Condonation will not be granted for more than once in an academic year for any programme of study.
  • Condonation is ordinarily granted on compliance of the following conditions:
    1. The prescribed fee has been paid.
    2. The application is recommended and forwarded by the Principal/ Head of Departments concerned.
    3. The reasons given for failure to obtain the prescribed attendance are satisfactory.
    4. The application for condonation shall be forwarded only as per the rules and regulations of concerned authorities

Maternity leave to the students is granted on the following conditions:

  1. Maternity leave will be granted only once during the entire programme/course.
  2. Condonation/ other leave or absence shall not be clubbed with maternity leave during the programme.
  3. The student shall register for the examination after compensating the leave availed, with the junior batch, if other conditions stipulated in the regulations of the course are fulfilled.
  4. The student will be permitted to join the junior batch, considering it as an additional seat.