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Anvarul Islam Women’s Arabic College Mongam is a pioneer educational institution; imparting higher education to the girl students’ especially backward and minority community, established in 1968 by the strenuous effort of Late T.P Ayamu Haji (Rahimahullah); a mentor and social reformer. The college was established by Anvarul Islam Sangham Mongam to obliterate the ignorance of women folk through women empowerment and moral and secular awareness programmes. Later the institution was under taken by the Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama (Regd.); a social and reformative movement which took initiative in the educational framework of the Muslim community all over the country.

The college imparts quality higher education in Arabic language and literature with modern secular aspects to the large number of students all over the country. The college has rendered 50 years of service through expanding terms of infrastructure, courses, staff and student’s strength. At present the college is offering under-graduate, post graduate and research programmes in different disciplines. The college is proud of its Alumnae who hold distinguished positions all over the globe as it is a stepping stone to realize the objectives envisaged all the sense.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence by adopting holistic approaches and mould an egalitarian society  ReadMore….

Our Mission

Imparting holistic and man-making education with emphasis on character moulding   ReadMore…

Core Value

Academic excellence through the best practices in innovations & research ReadMore…

From the Principal’s Desk

Greeting from Anvarul Islam Women’s Arabic College Mongam…!!!. I feel proud be the part of our college which has successfully completed 50 years, as the history replete with instances of cultural enrichment and educational empowerment of higher education to girl students, which is a very substantial, potent and conscientious task as we all know that women are a great human resource and the role of women in the society is crucial for the development  of  a

nation. The secured campus and secular atmosphere, the dedicated, dynamic and multi-talented faculty, non-teaching staff and my beloved students offers the uncompromising quest for excellence and innovative ventures.

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Message of the Correspondent

Anvarul Islam Women’s Arabic College Mongam was established in 1968, and it has been serving the nation and the community for the last several decades, committing to foster its students for the pursuits of individual excellence and participate in full range of academic, spiritual, cultural, social and physical activities, and to make them evolve all round development laced with value-based morality and ethics, inculcate honesty and  integrity in all   manners  as  it

believes ‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom’. Education is the most powerful tool to bring desirable changes in personality through which we bring positive changes in our society.

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