The Central Library of the college has a large collection of materials including text books, reference volumes, Maps, Atlas, Glob etc. The audio-visual section has a collection of CDs, audio and video tapes. The library subscribes 30 periodicals. Moreover, includes nearly 200 dissertations/ Projects of students, and subscribes 5 types of newspapers daily. Some of the collected materials in the library are digitalized. The library collection has been classified and catalogued according to scientific schemes with fully featured and scalable library management software – Koha


Books are arranged on the shelves according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). Each book is assigned a call number which consists of class number and book number. Class number is assigned to a book according to its subject content using classification schemes. Book number is individualizing a book among others having the same numbers. This type of arrangement will help to keep the books on the same subject together with those on related subjects coming next to them. Open access facility is provided in the library to help the reader browsing the stack and selecting the books.