College Management

The management of the college is The Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama (Regd.) (Ahlussunnathi val Jama-ath Ulema Sangham); the first Ulama (Religious Scholars) organization in Kerala followed by Kerala Muslim Aikya Sangham, formed in 1924. It guides the Muslim community of Kerala to the educational, cultural and moral upliftment and thus trying to eradicate superstitious believes from the Muslim communityAs a socio – cultural reformative movement, it started functioning in 24/02/1933 as the headquarters in Pulikkal, has registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (No. S2 of 1932-1933). And it also constituted its own memorandum and by-laws of the association.

Half a century ago, the Muslims of Kerala were in a pathetic condition lagging behind other communities in all spheres of life, including education. At this context the organization took the initiative as a reformist movement and played an active role in promoting literacy among Muslim women. The organization has established several educational institutions to impart and promote religious and secular education among the society, and the organization under took Anvarul Islam Women’s Arabic College Mongam from the founder organisation in 1968. Now the college is run under the aegis of The Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama (Regd.).The college is gradually upgraded under the supervision of The Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama (Regd.), and dedicated for social empowerment through women education as it played a leading role in promoting blend of modern and secular education in and out of the state. The college is affiliated to the University of Calicut since the academic year 1970 and comes under the direct payment scheme of government of Kerala. It is the one & only aided & affiliated women’s Arabic college located in the rearward state of Kerala.